Walnut superfood news keeps getting better!

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) a flagship publication reports. “Penn State University has uncovered new evidence that walnuts may not just be a tasty snack, they may also promote good-for-your-gut bacteria and that these “good” bacteria could be contributing to the heart-health benefits of walnuts”. See their web page Walnuts Promote Heart Healthy Microbiome

Tree Nut Intake Relates To Lower Mortality. The International Journal of Epidemiology reports.  “Nut intake was related to lower overall and cause-specific mortality, with evidence for nonlinear dose-response relationships. Peanut butter was not related to mortality”.  Read Full Report

Journal Of  The America Heart Association. In May 2019 the journal reports that replacing saturated fat with walnuts or vegetable oils improves central blood pressure and serum lipids in adults at risk for cardiovascular disease. Read More

Gut Health. Science Daily, walnuts beneficially change the makeup of bacteria in the gut. Find out more

Weight Loss. The New York Times, walnuts may be an effective weight loss tool. Check it out   Walnuts quell cravings. Harvard Medical School

Heart Heath. Tree-grown snacks could actually prevent a heart attack. American Journal Clinical of Nutrition.

Bowl of healthy looking New Zealand walnuts
  • New Zealanders are discovering that fresh locally grown walnuts have a great taste and flavour
  • More New Zealanders find that walnuts are a very healthy whole food to include in their diet
  • Scientists in New Zealand and overseas have proven the health benefits of walnuts
  • Walnuts grow on trees and are a sustainable crop that is friendly to our environment

A Note From Growers
As walnut growers we are confident that we have a wonderful healthy food product. A lot of years of time and effort is put into our orchards and we’ve come to know our product well. It’s pleasing to find that we constantly come across information in the media, on the internet and from contact with scientists and food industry professionals about how good walnuts are for people.

Example from the New Zealand Listener.
Reported on 21st of May 2015
“Walnuts are the only nuts that contain a significant source of alpha-linolenic acid, and they also boast a variety of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

And, again in the NZ Listener on 4th of June 2015.

“Scientists are discovering more about the wonder that is the walnut”
“But unless you’re allergic to walnuts, it’s worth making the effort to include them in your diet. They have long been lauded for their health benefits, particularly when it comes to the heart”. www.listener.co.nz  

Work of New Zealand Scientists.
In a paper entitled Chemical Composition Of Walnuts professor Geoffrey Savage of Lincoln University says “The data reported in this paper confirm that walnuts are a rich source of a number of important nutrients that appear to have a very positive effect on human health.” See his paper here, 

Link to another paper from Professor Savage and a Colleague. Some Nutritional Advantages of Walnuts

How Many Walnuts Should We Eat?

  • The Mayo Clinic says about a handful or 40 grams of nuts a day.
  • An article in the Huffington Post says eat 7 walnuts a day. huffingtonpost.co.uk
  • Global News says an ounce or 28 grams of nuts per day. globalnews.ca
  • The web site Humans Are Free says taking 51 grams of walnut oil per day will benefit your blood flow just 4 hours after first taking it. humansarefree.com
New Zealand walnuts

Information About Walnuts Found On The Internet

Walnuts decorated with cartoon faces and holding a healthy eating sign